Las Vegas Nights - Fontaine Sisters

What happens when the man she loves to hate becomes the man she can't live without?

Actress turned casino mogul Scarlett Fontaine uses her beauty to get what she wants. But it doesn't work with Logan Wolfe. Now the infuriatingly gorgeous security expert needs her help. Finally, Scarlett sees her chance to show him she's more than just a pretty face.

Yet when her safety's at stake, their flirtatious games turn serious. Scarlett suddenly needs him, too. As things heat up, their steamy kisses - and steamier nights - make her wonder: is the man who has always tormented her finally showing his true colors?

Las Vegas Nights, book 1

It takes two tycoons to tango...

With JT Stone's birthright hanging in the balance, Violet Fontaine comes up with the perfect solution. The Vegas hotel heiress decides to give her sexy business rival a hand - so he can put a ring on it and seal a business deal. The one condition is that they keep their boardroom marriage out of the bedroom.

Fat chance! JT isn't letting Violet deprive him of one of the sweetest perks of wedlock. But will giving in to passion expose the one thing that's always kept him from commitment? Now JT could lose everything, including the woman he can't live without.

Las Vegas Nights, book 2

Is lasting love on the menu?

Hotelier Harper Fontaine only wants one thing in life: to take over her family's business empire. And she won't let celebrity chef Ashton Croft screw up the new restaurant in her Vegas showcase. Getting the adventurer to meet deadlines is hard enough, but turning down the flame on their uncontrollable chemistry soon proves impossible!

Ashton has traveled the world but has never encountered a delicacy as delicious as Harper. Sure, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but will Ashton stay for Harper...especially when the chips are down and she suddenly stands to lose it all?

Las Vegas Nights, book 3

A Game Of Seduction

Las Vegas Nights: Where love is the biggest gamble of all!

Steamy weekends in Vegas are nothing new for Hollywood leading man Chase Reynolds. And with his longtime friend and collaborator, Brianna McDermott, down in the dumps over her ex, Chase will do anything—even seduce her himself to remind her how desirable she is! Their TV show is on the line and he needs her to commit. But when they get to Vegas, suddenly he's the one thinking about commitment. Because all along, Brianna had an ace up her sleeve in this seduction showdown…

Las Vegas Nights, Novella 1.5